Some weeks ago we decided that we needed a new way for inspiring our colleagues here at Trovit. We love what we do and where we do it, but sometimes people tend to lose focus on what’s really important: why do we do it?

After pondering the idea, we decided that we wanted to bring inspiring minds to speak about their experience in their different fields, and learn how these people find the reason to do what they do. We would contact brilliant professionals that have managed to make a difference, and we started with the cofounder and creative director of our favorite creative agency, Rafa Soto, from HerraizSoto&Co.

Rafa shared with us his idea of how to make a publicist’s work have a value for everyone. And this has a special importance, since according to a study by GfK Verein that he mentioned, publicists are way down the list of professions ranked by trust, along with politicians, insurance agents and bankers.

The way Rafa sees it, there’s only one solution: the Affection Economy. It entails creating campaigns for the people, instead of for the brand. This way, HerraizSoto has managed over the years to generate campaigns with meaning, campaigns that inspire consumers and provide an added value to them.

“If you do something extraordinary for your consumer,
your consumer will do something extraordinary for you”

He explained this concept by giving us examples of successful campaigns they have made for companies such as Ikea, Camper or BMW. We specially liked the weather App they did for Camper, where they digitally mimicked the effects of clouds, rain and thunder. This extremely elaborated meteorological elements had one function: tell you the weather forecast in a fun and interactive day.

But besides working for other companies, in HerraizSoto they try to innovate on their own and are constantly imagining new projects. From such a search for inspiration were born the concepts of Notegraphy, StickWithMeBaby and Ommwriter, three of their most successful ideas.

There are plenty of styles designed by top artists from all over the world.


StickWithMeBaby is a simple idea crafted carefully to give people a smile. They create stickers for Macbooks with tons of personality. By placing them on the apple symbol, the idea is to turn your computer into a bro, a ho or a proud moustache owner.

Finally, Ommwriter is an app imagined for those people who love writing and have a problem finding a place to concentrate. In a world full of information and, therefore, distractions, they decided to find a way to help people to focus. Ommwriter is a minimalistic app that offers a simple environment, with soothing backgrounds and carefully selected audio tracks to “reconnect with your old friends, Concentration and Creativity”.

We want to thank Rafa for coming to Trovit and help us in our search for inspiration.

Follow Rafa Soto on: Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

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