At Trovit we have been fostering a healthy lifestyle for our Team for a while now, constantly thinking of ways to improve our body & mind balance.

We promote an active Team: we have agreements with nearby gyms, we sponsor marathons, we help organize monthly hikes, beach volleyball games… What was next? We started thinking of new ways to make a difference and then it hit us: our eating habits. Our kitchen is already a special place for our Team to share, meet and celebrate. Stocked with lots of snacks, coffee and fruits. But we realized it had the potential to be even healthier than before.

To become a healthier place to work we decided to offer a broader selection of fresh products and ideas of how to combine them. Last week we brought in a brand new cold pressed blender so we could make our own fresh fruit & vegetable juices every morning. This week’s suggestion is a Green Detox Juice with cucumber, apple, lime and celery. We also enlarged the variety of cereals we offer to include organic muesli and oatmeal, and have up to 10 dispensers with different nut types and dried fruits.

The idea has been a success so far, there is nothing greater than a fresh morning breakfast. Eating better is feeling better, and that gives us the strength to make the most out of our day at work!


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