Technical specifications for Homes

The following table summarizes the additional considerations that each field must meet for a correct feed validation.

Fields Data type Minimum value Maximum value Available values Comment
id* String
url* String
mobile_url String
title* String
type* Fixed string For Rent
For Sale
Parking For Rent
Parking For Sale
Office For Rent
Office For Sale
Land For Sale
For Rent Local
For Sale Local
Transfer Local
Country House Rentals
Warehouse For Rent
Warehouse For Sale
Short Term Rentals
Unlisted Foreclosure
content* String Minimum length of 30 characters
price Decimal 100 50000 For Rent
Decimal 10000 100000000 For Sale
Decimal 10 10000 Roommate
Decimal 5 10000 Parking For Rent
Decimal 1000 200000 Parking For Sale
Decimal 50 500000 Office For Rent
Decimal 1000 50000000 Office For Sale
Decimal 5000 50000000 Land For Sale
Decimal 50 500000 For Rent Local
Decimal 2000 50000000 For Sale Local
Decimal 0 5000000 Transfer Local
Decimal 300 300000 Country House Rentals
Decimal 500 5000000 Warehouse For Rent
Decimal 5000 10000000 Warehouse For Sale
Decimal 10000 1000000000 Overseas
Decimal 100 50000 Short Term Rentals
Decimal 10000 100000000 Unlisted Foreclosure
property_type String Only applicable with “For Rent” or “For Sale” type.
foreclosure_type String Pre Foreclosure
Bank Owned
Only applicable with “For Sale”, “Parking For Sale”, “Office For Sale”, “For Sale Local”, “Warehouse For Sale” or “Unlisted Foreclosure” type.
address String
floor_number String
neighborhood String
city_area String
city String
region String
country String Only applicable with “Overseas” type.
postcode String
latitude Decimal -90.0 90.0
longitude Decimal -180.0 180.0
orientation String
agency String
mls_database String
floor_area Integer 15 50000
plot_area Integer 1 1000000000
rooms Room string 0 20
bathrooms Room string 1 20
condition String
year Year 1700
virtual_tour String
eco_score String
picture_url String
picture_title String
date Date
expiration_date Date
by_owner Boolean
is_rent_to_own Boolean
parking Boolean
foreclosure Boolean
is_furnished Boolean
is_new Boolean

Legend for data types:

  • String: Alphanumeric string.
  • Fixed string: Alphanumeric string with default values. See the column of available values.
  • Integer: Positive number or zero.
  • Decimal: The integer part is expressed without units separators. The decimal part is expressed with point.
  • Boolean: True value for “true”, “yes”, “si” or “1”. False value for “false”, “no” or “0”.
  • Date: Formats accepted
    where DD is the day with two digits, MM the month with two digits, YYYY the year with four digits, HH the hour in 24h format with two digits, MM the minutes and SS the seconds.
  • Year: YYYY format, where YYYY is the year with four digits.
  • Room string: It can be an Integer, a Decimal with 0 or ½ as the decimal part (e.g. 3.0, 1.5), or two consecutive numbers with a dash (e.g. 1-2, 3-4).

*Mandatory field


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