Written by Ferran Galí.

At Trovit we do big data, and we care about promoting state-of-the-arts talks in this field. Apache Spark is one of the technologies we use on a daily basis, and since there’s a Meetup group in the city we normally help them host their events.

Last week was quite special because Reynold Xin, one of the main conductors of this distributed processing system, came to our city to give a talk named “A behind the scenes look into Spark’s API and engine evolutions”. A huge attendance was expected, and we really wanted to get him a warm welcome to Barcelona. That’s why we sponsored the event and booked the Casa Convalescéncia, a catalan modernist venue (Gaudi-style).

On Thursday evening we gathered around 100 passionate engineers, scientists, doctors and students to hear him. After the talk we offered a snack and beers to the attendants and, since most of them really wanted to chat with the speaker, everybody was chatting around him, meeting each other and sharing ideas on one of the most exciting fields on technology this days.

Another thing that we care about is that people should connect and create community, and that’s why we always try to organize events where the attendees are not mere spectators, but active parts of an open conversation.

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