Written by Daniela Menascé and Xènia Palau.

Remember the days when sending documents through a fax machine was involved in getting an online advertising campaign live? How about waiting 4 days to get a performance report? Nowadays, with the development of Programmatic buying and the wide extension of the Google AdWords platform, self-serve has become normality both in the display and the pay-per-click (PPC) world. And it’s no surprise.

As a buyer, the benefits of managing your own campaign and accessing your data are huge. The control, flexibility and immediacy this model provides are among the strongest advantages; campaigns can be created, paused and modified in a few clicks, and it takes effect immediately. Plus, the ability to select different metrics, cross data and see historic data is unbeatable. This model also guarantees full transparency and a more “democratic” model, which can be counted among the top benefits of these technologies. Having this possibility, why would anyone want to keep requesting actions or reports from publishers?

Being a company that indexes millions of ads from thousands of websites, we saw our partners struggling to get the desired visibility. Our advanced PPC self-serve platform is the solution that allows them to:

Create, manage and optimise ad campaigns:

The buyer has control over rates and budgets, guided by our CPC benchmarking. We give them the liberty to create campaigns in real time according to their criteria, goals and needs.

Create, manage and optimise ad campaigns

Get traffic and performance insights:

The buyer can create custom reports, selecting periods and metrics to analyse the traffic and data in detail.

Find optimisation opportunities:

The buyer can target specific segments according to performance results and business goals.

Optimization opportunities

We strongly believe in the advantages this self-managed platform provides buyers who need to look deeper into data, as we grant the tools to pull their own reports, see rate benchmarks and automatic suggestions to improve visibility based on our big data analytics.

In 2017, we are taking steps forward in the automation of suggestions and opportunities, as we develop unique features to create visibility boosting campaigns towards specific goals effortlessly. Data is not just a buzzword, it’s our industry’s decision maker. Through data and technology we aim to keep reducing even further the time our partners should allocate to creating effective campaigns. Stay tuned!

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