Meet Amandine!“Before I started working at Trovit, I was travelling around Asia. When I got the job, I was happy to start a new adventure but I was worried that I’d miss travel, discovering new countries, meeting new people… Well, I hadn’t the chance to miss that! In less than a year, Trovit sent me to Tokyo, Madrid, Casablanca and Paris several times! I just didn’t have time to get bored or to even realize that it’s already been a year since I started working here!

You learn a lot at Trovit, not only because the challenges you face or the many of projects you can work on every day, but because people are always ready to help you, to answer your questions. At the end of a day, you don’t only become an expert at your job but also you learnt to face the issues as a team”.
Amandine is our Country Manager for France.
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