Written by Daniela Menascé.

Last week we sponsored the Jobg8 Job Board Summit in London and some of us attended the event, hoping to share and learn about the future and challenges of our industry. The event did not disappoint! The two-day forum hosted over 150 delegates including main players of the job boards and recruiting businesses from the UK, US, Germany, the Netherlands and many other parts of the world, providing a lively environment to talk about what we are doing, how we are doing it and how we can do it better.

Eleven talks, workshops and panels were held to have the chance to discuss about new technologies, changing business models, job seeker profiles and challenges for the different European markets. Performance was one of the buzzwords present in most conversations!

One of the main topics was the adoption of Programmatic technology and data-driven media buying. The panel held by members of Ripple, Appcast, Onrecruit and Recruitics gave the audience great insights on its current situation in the US and how it’s making its way into Europe.

Another thought-provoking discussion was around how the collection of in-depth data is having an effect on the current business models as we keep evolving towards a performance-driven industry.

Providing the best value to users and the best results to employers was the final goal of all attendees, be it recruitment agencies, job boards or traffic providers. Data and technology is being put to work more efficiently than ever to reach this goal. At Trovit we are happy of being part of this evolution!

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