For the sixth year now, the Mobile World Congress has left its mark in Barcelona, giving us the chance to know first hand what is yet to come, what is here to stay and what has become obsolete not only in the mobile world, but the technology sector altogether.

With over 108,000 attendees, and 2,300 exhibiting companies this year, the city has found itself once again overrun by tech lovers. And at Trovit we just can’t resist a good opportunity to meet the latest technologies, so there we went several troviters from all kinds of departments. Let’s let them tell you what is it that made this MWC special:

Marta Moragues, PHP Developer

“What I liked most about the MWC was to see and try the latest technology in the market (and out of it!) and be able to ask in detail about the different features of the next generation of phones, like the long-lasting battery of the Gionee M201. I’d also like to stress that this year 23% of the attendees were women, 14% more than last year!”

Dani Álvarez Welters, Software Engineer

“Besides the presentation of the new devices from the mobile manufacturers, the MWC is also about the innovation in telecommunications. In this edition there was a special emphasis on the next generation of 5G mobile networks. Although it’s not planned to be ready until 2019, it certainly felt like mobile operators and producers want to get the ball rolling already”.

Xenia Palau, Product Manager Monetization

“The MWC is evolving with social needs, and it’s amazing to see how smart cities and the internet of things are starting to get the big spotlight. For instance, AT&T is betting for this technology presenting a large suite of connected products: smart home gadgets such as connected lights and smart health and fitness accessories, or connected cars that communicate with each other and the environment to help avoid accidents, traffic jams or save the electricity consumption of cities… fascinating times!”

Issey Masuda, Software Engineer

“From both the MWC and 4YFN, I found very interesting the 4YFN conferences like “The future of all things and the creation of time” (by Marcus Weldon from Nokia) or “The age of intelligent machines” (by Amir Faintuch from Intel), where they spoke about the exciting paths they are taking towards innovation. I specially liked that in some workshops they demystified the concept of “start up” and talked about practical ways of going through the funding stages. In the end, I found the 4YFN much more focused on the consumers than the MWC, which is more business oriented”.

Gerard Brull, Full Stack Developer

“This was my first MWC after 6 years of trying, although I always followed the event through specialized blogs. Just to be there and be able to speak directly with the engineers of the companies or to touch the upcoming gadgets was very exciting for me. It was like kids feel on Christmas morning”.

Mavi Jiménez, Project Lead, Full Stack Developer

“I found very positive how they emphasized the presence of women and the role of women in technology: there were stands at the 4YFN exclusively about the topic, awards, talks and the whole Women4Tech programme”.

Pilar Perales, Digital Brand Specialist

“It was my first year attending and I was impressed by the massive installations and the quantity of people. It was like a whole city in there. So much information! I felt like VR was all over the conference, but almost exclusively focused on its use for videogames. It seems like we will still need to wait to see more functionalities popularized for such an exciting technology!”

If you would like to know more about what happened at the MWC, we suggest you to read this year’s review. And if you are interested on the hottest announcements from the mobile giants, check out this article by Pocket-lint.

Pictures provided by © GSMA

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