Written by Andreu Marimon.

If you start a conversation about Big Data, you will probably hear about Spark within the first few seconds. It is not by chance, since this is the trendiest technology among data engineers.

During the last years, Barcelona became a top edge city when it comes to Big Data, and, as a consequence, the Barcelona Spark meetup ranked the third most notorious Spark group in Europe, reaching 1700 members. At Trovit we passionately foster Big Data, so ours has been a natural alliance, resulting in the co-organization of first level talks such as  “A behind the scenes look into Spark’s API and engine evolutions” by Databricks co-founder Reynold Xin.

Last week, the organizers of this meetups worked hard to match their previous talks and managed to bring Holden Karau, from IBM Spark Tech Center, to Barcelona. Trovit gladly contributed sponsoring the event and making this one the first to be broadcasted live and is now available in Youtube.

Holden has not only been an active Spark contributor for more than three years, but also co-authored several books, such as Learning Spark and High Performance Spark. Coming directly from the Apache Big Data conference, and right before the release of her last book, she stopped in Barcelona to present  “Beyond Shuffling & Streaming Preview”, a talk that catched the attention of more than one hundred Big Data scientists and engineers who gathered at the Trovit auditorium, the chosen venue for the event.

After the talk, we offered our traditional snack and beers and everybody had the chance to chat with the speaker and meet other people working on similar projects. Once again, Barcelona Spark Meetup contributed to the development of this growing community that Trovit is so proud to be part of.

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