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If you have a classified ads website you can include your ads in Trovit! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a UTF-8 XML feed in the format specified for our products vertical (see below).
  2. After creating the feed, download our XML Validator and test whether your feed is Trovit friendly. The Validator will confirm if we can index your content correctly.
  3. Use our contact form to send the URL link where we can read your XML feed.
    (For example:

Upon receiving your feed, we will index your ads in Trovit as soon as possible.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

XML feed format

Here are some simple guidelines for preparing an XML feed in order to include your ads in Trovit. If you would like additional information about the XML format, check Wikipedia.

The feed should be written in UTF-8.

The UTF-8 XML file has one ‘trovit’ tag, and one or more ‘ad’ elements. Each ‘ad’ element has basic and optional fields:


Basic fields have to be included in the feed as they contain the minimum amount of information necessary for our system to include your ads in Trovit.

  • id: id of the ad on your website (numeric or alphanumeric, it must be unique because we use it to avoid duplicate entries)
  • url: URL of the ad on your website
  • mobile_url: URL of the ad on your site when a user is browsing on a mobile device. Useful when your website has a mobile version.
  • title: Title of the ad (a concise summary of the listing which does not contain your website’s name or URL).
  • content: Description of the product (minimum of 30 characters). Please note that the quality of the description has a strong effect on the amount of visitors you will receive!
  • category:Select the appropriate product category per ad
    • Furniture: indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, office fittings, home textiles, household appliances, etc.
    • Sports Equipment: anything to do with sports, bicycles, etc.
    • Electronics and Technology: audio and visual systems, games consoles, computers and accessories.
    • Pets: all types of pets, pet food, toys for pets, etc.
    • Phones: mobiles, house phones, batteries and accessories, etc.
    • Musical Instruments: guitars, pianos, violins, etc.
    • Kids: children’s clothing, toys, baby cots, etc.
    • Photography: cameras, lenses, flashes and accessories.
    • Art and Collectables: paintings, drawings, sculptures, antiques, collectables, etc.
    • Fashion: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, watches, belts, hats, jewelry, etc.
    • Health and Beauty: beauty creams, perfumes, etc.
    • Car parts and Accessories: car wheels/tyres/trims,car care & cleaning,engines & engine parts, performance & tuning parts etc.


You don’t have to fill out the optional fields. However, if you do have the information, don’t hesitate to include it. Trovit’s algorithm prioritises higher-quality ads, so including more information optimises your positioning!

  • city: City, town or village where the property is located. (Birmingham , West Midlands )
  • city_area: city area where the property is located
  • neighborhood: Neighbourhood where the property is located. (Kensington , London )
  • region: County where the property is located. (Oxfordshire , Oxford )
  • postcode: property’s postcode
  • address: address where the product can be found (162 Example Street , Manchester )
  • make: make of the product (Sony, Apple, etc.)
  • model: model of the product (iPhone 4S, for example)
  • price: price of the product (integer value, between £0 and £1,000,000)
  • Please don’t include any symbols such as £, $ or €. The price is set in GBP by default.
    If the price is specified in a currency other than GBP, a currency tag should be included. This tag enables Trovit to convert the price to GBP (£).

    <price currency="USD"><![CDATA[...]]></price>

    In this example, the price is specified in US dollars. Trovit will convert this to GB pounds.

  • shipping_cost**Only applicable when the price of the product has been specified.When the price is specified in a currency that is not the official currency of the country the attribute ‘currency’ should be used. Each currency value will be determined by the standard ISO-4217. With this, Trovit will convert to the oficial currency.
    <shipping_cost currency="USD"><![CDATA[...]]></shipping_cost>

    This would specify the shipping costs of the product in dollars. The currency symbol must not be included with the price.

  • date: Date and time the ad was published. Valid formats: DD/MM/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS and YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS.
  • expiration_date: Date the ad will expire on. Valid formats: DD/MM/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS and YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS.
  • contact_name: contact name
  • contact_email: contact’s email address
  • contact_telephone: advertiser’s phone number (numbers only, no punctuation must be included)
  • pictures: This tag includes the various images of the product.

    The field that defines an image in particular is:

    picture: This tag includes the fields to specify the URL and the title of the image (the latter being optional). You can specify if the image should be the featured image using the attribute ‘featured’.

    • picture_url: Image URL.
    • picture_title: Image title.

    The image displayed in Trovit for a listing will be the first in the set of images for that particular listing.

    Choose the most appropriate image as this can greatly influence the user’s clicks.

    Trovit doesn’t allow the use of corporate images with the message ‘Image not available’.
    In the case of this being detected, Trovit reserves the right to block your listings.

    Once your ads are included in Trovit, the images associated with the listings wont be able to be modified even in the following reading of your feed.
    Be sure that the new listings added to your feed include the correct images. The images should be 186×186 and should be no more than 1mb.


    The picture shown on Trovit is the first picture of the set of pictures included in the feed. Please select this picture carefully as it has a strong influence on the click through behaviour of our users.

    Trovit doesn’t allow corporate images with information such as “No image available”.
    If Trovit detects these kind of pictures, it has the right to stop the inclusion of your ads.

    Once inserted for the first time, our system doesn’t modify or upload new pictures.
    Please make sure that you include the correct picture(s) once you include the ad in the feed for the first time.

Example of the XML feed layout:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>








<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <title><![CDATA[Flat Screen Sony]]></title>
    <content><![CDATA[Sony Flat Screen. As New Condition - Still under 5 Year Guarantee.]]><
    <category><![CDATA[electronics and technology]]></category>
    <postcode><![CDATA[W1F 6EX]]></postcode>
    <address><![CDATA[Salesstreet 1]]></address>
    <date><![CDATA[01/01/2011 13:30]]></date>
    <contact_name><![CDATA[Jane Doe]]></contact_name>

Technical Specifications

For more information, click here: see technical specifications.

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