Written by Mavi Jimenez.

Women and technology are not two concepts that go usually hand in hand, unfortunately. Given our present times, this topic is often debated and analyzed in articles, forums and on the streets. Does it have to do with advertising? Or education? Or something else? In search for answers, inspiration and new ideas, me and other two tech girls from Trovit attended the European Women in Technology Conference in Amsterdam.

Among the speakers invited to the event there were software developers, CEOs, founders… powerful women with successful careers. The conference was divided into talks about women in tech leadership, technical tracks and workshops.

In one of the sessions, Karin Hilton showed us a slide which reflected the percentage of men and women in the big technology companies worldwide. 


That made us wonder about the situation in the technological companies of Barcelona. From my own initiative, I started asking around the employees of tech companies in Barcelona how is the gender diversity situation at their workplaces. Thus, I got an idea of the engineering diversity in some of most important companies in Barcelona, which I show in the chart below. However, this data has to be taken as an informal estimate, given the well-known fact that the turnover of people in this kind of companies is very big. But it does help to get an idea of how dismal is the general picture.

diversity_resizedWhat are the reasons for such a low percentage? We asume that the main cause is not a matter of the companies themselves, but the stereotypes instilled in society that women in general, and those working in technology in particular, have to fight since we are children. These stereotypes don’t magically disappear in universities and tech conferences, and add to the labor and promotion problems we suffer in the general scope. It profoundly affects the university degrees and careers women choose to pursue, all due to the fact that society heavily promotes a certain image of women in the labour market.

The European Women in Tech Conference 2016 has helped us confirm how important it is to be present at this kind of events to speak and ask questions, but also to feel comfortable in a technological environment where you are not a minority.

“Fight like a girl”
Evgenia Nikitina @Luxoft

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