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what is your super power

What’s your super power?

No global movement springs from one individual. It takes an entire team united behind a singular passion to drive success:

PHP developers, Java Developers, Product Managers, Data Scientists, Marketing Specialists…




As an international team of account managers,
we’re in charge of our relationship with our partners: understanding their needs and crafting the mix of advertising, branding and search solutions that will be essential to their company’s success. We also play a key role in the localization of our search engine, allowing us to grow in all 46 of our markets.



The backbone of Trovit is tech, and that means that more than half the people on our team are software developers. We work tirelessly to make our search engine fast, accurate and powerful, and we use many different technologies to achieve this. In a company of this scale, even the smallest changes can have a big impact!



The Trovit Product team is in charge of making sure the Trovit user experience is flawless across all channels and is constantly creating new products. We’re obsessed with tracking as many metrics as possible and we use them daily to guide our decisions, AB testing all new features to ensure they impact the right KPIs and carefully observing trends to detect new opportunities.

hr, finance & legal

HR, Finance & Legal

It takes a village to smoothly run a team of this size and make Trovit an incredibly great place to work. From finding key new hires and providing ongoing training to existing employees, to ensuring invoicing processes are flawless, we strive to provide an excellent level of support to all Trovit teams and employees.

Media buying

Media buying

Our daily challenge is to attract a great number of users to our search engine: both to our desktop and mobile websites as well as to our Android and iPhone apps, while achieving the right ROI, ensuring our user acquisition is as efficient as possible. As the market evolves, we constantly look for innovative solutions and test new online marketing channels.


For our Marketing team, enough is not good enough. We strive to create value through our products, services and communication to our three main target groups (Users, Clients, and Employees) across our most influential touchpoints. Piece of cake!


During the 3 years I’ve been working in Trovit, I changed departments several times. I think that has given me an privileged overview on how the company works, and my main conclusion is that it is its Team what makes it so special. Working alongside so many different people opens your eyes to new learnings. But the times we are not working are also key for our bonding. I remember the time they announced we were all going for a trip to Japan. It was during the Christmas dinner and they gave us an envelop with the invitation. I couldn’t believe it! I remember our faces looking at each other in astonishment. And it was one of the best experiences of my life.


I will never forget when we had to upgrade Hadoop two years ago. Everything was prepared, tested and ensured, but we had this feeling like… 'what if we lose these hundreds of Terabytes of data?'. I was the lucky one that had to press the button, and my colleagues were behind me staring at the screen… eating popcorn! Eventually everything worked like a charm and we had lots of fun. At Trovit we just love data, so we are committed to use the most cutting-edge technologies to manage it.


Lots of good moments come to mind: the trip to Japan, the Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker, our Hackathons, training with my mates… But to me, one of the most memorable moments at Trovit has been to become a father 15 days after I started working here. Nowadays, Nico (2) comes visit some Fridays and we play for a while in the game room. Because of its dynamic atmosphere, you can easily reconcile learning, improving your skills every day, and trying to introduce something new each week with having a family. I'm really proud to be part of the Trovit team and its little big family, to be able to grow as a professional, and to improve how things get done each day.


From the moment I started at Trovit I knew this was the environment and the people I wanted to work with. We still have the soul of a start-up. During my interview, Mauricio (CEO), told me: 'If you want to change something around here, you will always be able to do it, if you get the rest of the Team to support you'. That's what I've done since I started and what I like the most about working here. The HR team are eager to make things better, in constant contact with the different teams and, specially, each employee. There is no doubt that Trovit's main asset is its Team and I love being part of those responsible to take care of each and every one of them.

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