Written by Raquel Herrera.

2017 is already gone, but this new year is bringing us something special. Apart from having many challenges and ambitious projects to look forward, there is also an important milestone we can’t miss. 2018 marks the 150th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan.

But why is it important to us? As you might know, Trovit was founded in Barcelona in 2006 to centralize all classified content in one webpage, helping users find what they need in just one place. Almost ten years later, Trovit became a part of Lifull, the Japanese leading company in the Asian real estate listing market.

Since then, many things have changed in a positive way. We have incorporated Lifull’s philosophy of altruism, whose aim is to create a society where everyone can achieve comfort and happiness through social innovations. In their own words, “everything is based on the vision: make every LIFE FULL”.

We have also moved towards innovation and improvements in technology; and have upgraded our service by actively listening to our users and clients’ needs. In addition, we keep working on developing an environment to enhance our employees’ talents and consolidate Trovit as a great place to work. And, last but not least, we have learned a lot about Japanese culture!

The historical relations between Spain and Japan started hundreds of years before. However, it was in 1868 when they signed the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation. This document was established in a period of changes and shared aspirations of international openness, and had a very positive impact in both countries.

From that day on, we’ve been growing and achieving goals together, and we look forward to doing it for the years to come!

Happy 150th anniversary, Spain and Japan!

You can find more information about this celebration in their official website, here in Spanish and here in Japanese.

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